President's Message

In the last decade, the construction industry experienced rapid growth that has influenced changes in construction processes as well in tools and equipment.

At PK Painting & Decorating, the highest priority is not only that our workers are trained in safe use of existing and new tools and equipments but fully informed of regulatory requirements designed to ensure safe workplaces.

We pay close attention to the qualifications of our supervisors and their ability to interpret legal requirements outlined in Occupational Health Safety Act and its Regulations for Construction Projects. All supervisors must ensure that all workers are familiar with actual and potential hazards of the job and applicable regulations

We encourage any person affiliated in any way on our projects to be familiar with and follow our Company Health and Safety Policy and Procedures Manual. It is our belief that safety is everyone business. We desire and expect everyone to work together as a team to maintain and improve our safe work environment.

Yours truly,

Peter Kovacic
President - PK Painting & Decorating